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... to mosaic-mouse. Just my dolls and such. I'm leaving everything that's posted here posted, but I'll be submitting my newer stuff over there. Bases will still be submitted here, and... I may move back. I'm kind of hesitant to leave, but my gallery feels... cluttered and ewwie.

Anyway, would love to see you guys over at my new account :) Hope I do!
I'm making some (and by some I mean at least seven, up to twelve at the moment).

and realising I have issues with colour schemes. Jesus Christ. I love designing outfits and stuff (usually) but I'm never happy with the result D: Plus it takes me HOURS to pick a colour scheme unless i knew from the beginning what i wanted to do ;_; Does anyone else have this problem?

Also, down to ~300 messages! :D

They're just basic refs -- colours and outfit designs, no shading (or maybe just a little >_>) -- because i never doll my OCs and I feel like giving 'em some love :D
so, er, yeah... I'm alive. And here. And... sorry for being gone so long, I just kind of... I don't even know. It was a nice break, though, except my messages have bred like rabbits and... D:

I'll be replying to as many as I can, but I've got three-thousand-something (after having deleted all the faves/etc) messages so it'll take me a while and... yeah.

I hope you guys didn't worry too much/aren't pissed at me/didn't miss me too bad (but thank you if you did :)!). I'll probably be cleaning out my gallery and WHAT happened to dA's layout while I was missing? O_O

Ahem. Sorry guys~ :) Love to talk to you all again!

in other news, I got my ears pierced a second time and my shift key/caps key broke (hence the bad grammar >_<). I also almost-killed my DS and got a new DSL (which is awesome and has a Pikachu theme/design). Uh... got loads of new characters and stories and such :)

1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them

oh man, uh...

1. I like het, yaoi/slash and yuri/femmeslash equally.
2. I'm chronically lazy and procrastinate like there'll always be a tomorrow :)
3. I love making OCs, and love reading about other peoples'... okay, to say 'nearly as much' would be a lie -- I love making characters a little too much for that :P But I do enjoy reading about others' OCs
4. I think I need a new icon...
5. I am considering moving accounts (at least partially)
6. Pokemon is fuckin' awesome.
7. I think I have some kind of anxiety disorder.
8. I really like Christian music for some reason
9. I love my friends <3
10. I really like the word "voluptuos" -- it's just... so much fun to say!

My victims shall be... who the hell ever wants to do this.
Hey there guys, sorry for being kinda MIA >_< There're a lot of reasons, but mostly I just felt like having a bit of a break. I probably should've let you know, but... well... I didn't mean to take a break, but then I was gone for a week or so and thought "hey, why not?"

Sorry! I'll catch up on comments and replies and stuff as fast as possible! Hope you've all been good! :D
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Journal Entry: Thu Dec 31, 2009, 4:54 AM

It's gonna be a friggin' awesome year, guys~ Hope you have had a good 2009, and if you haven't, I hope you have a better 2010!

:hug: :aww:

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Merry Christmas!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 25, 2009, 3:57 AM
Merry Christmas

/whatever you celebrate.

Sorry I've been away for the last couple of days ^^; I've been preparing for Christmas, watching DVDs, seeing friends and... just taking a bit of a break from the world of the internet.

Is anyone else here a Buffy addict? I can't really pick a favourite character, but I bloody love Spike and Oz <333

I've only seen up 'til the end of Season Four (sadly) so no spoilers (please!)!

I had... almost 100 deviations, and almost 600 messages >_< Forgive late replies and such, please!

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Holy Crap + Collab Slots

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 1, 2009, 2:26 PM
Holy Crap Guys...

(There are specifications about WHAT you are supposed to doll.)

Jeez, I didn't realise so many of you would be interested in a group collab O____O I'm really sorry to whoever missed out on a slot! I am listing your names here, and next time I make a collab, I will personally invite you guys so you definitely get a slot!

For Next Time:
(maybe, there are still some slots left on the second one)
(did you want one?)

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On Holidays (Kinda)

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 29, 2009, 7:23 PM
On Hols

Spent +6 hours on a train yesterday, and now I am in Sydney :) The trip was okay, but my legs started cramping up on the train :| Oh well.

I'm spending a week with my Dad. The place where I'm staying is pretty awesome, plus it's free (Dad runs it, it's a youth hostel type thing). My room is kinda tiny, but I don't mind. Free internet access FTW!

Not doing anything today, because Dad has to work, but we might go into the main city (we're in a kind of residential area) tomorrow or even tonight :)

Might get started on those collabs now... if I didn't give you a slot -- don't worry. I am doing a group collab in the near future that I would like you to help me with (that means you Aashni, if you're interested :)).

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Journal Entry: Tue Nov 24, 2009, 2:00 PM
The Thinking of Thoughts

Okay, so, I was thinking that maybe I should actually submit some more art? Yeah. I think I'm going to pick a group of my characters and focus on them for dolls for a while -- build up a little gallery of pictures, etc.

I'm going to get started on my collabs soon, and I'm also going to make an "official" design for me, because I don't really have one ^^;

I'm still looking at skins, but I rather like this one.

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Testing Skins

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 24, 2009, 1:22 PM
The Testing of Skins

Feel free to leave an opinion :)

I like this one. It's very cute, but only suited to short entries?

Making long entry at Holli's suggestion/request x3



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Okay, so. I'm a total romantic -- but I'm also a cynic. I don't believe that love lasts forever (as much as I wanna believe it can), and I don't believe in marriage.

But today my Mum told me a (true) story about a woman we know from a few years ago.

She had a boyfriend in high school, when she was fifteen, and then one day they just broke up. She never knew why. It was very sudden. Forty-or-so years later, he walks into the place where she works and says "I just have to tell you something before I die." And tells her that the only reason he broke up with her back then was because her father and his father sat him down and told him he had to, because she was too young. He tells her he loved her back then, and has always loved her.

And they're in love again, and leaving their spouses of roughly thirty years to be together.

I do feel sorry for their partners, but I also think that it's beautiful that they're getting together again :) That they love each other after all these years.

Just thought I'd share something that made me smile.

Also, I need skin suggestions. Got any?
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Uhm, you might/might not have noticed that I've removed a bunch of crap from my gallery. Some of it (the writing) might be resubmitted over at Sniicky-Note if you're interested. I'm probably going to delete more stuff too.

Okay, so I felt like submitting a new journal (and it occurs to me that I'm probably one of the only few people not taking advantage of the skins-for-non-subby'd thing that's going on right now) to replace the long-ass old one.

I am annoyed. My next door neighbour seems to think it entirely necessary to USE THE FSCKING (sorry Holli, loved it and had to steal) LEAFBLOWER every. single. day. Or the powertools. Or something else that's really loud. And really, they're awesome neighbours because they don't have a problem with our dog barking her head off, but SERIOUSLY. WHY DO YOU NEED TO USE THE LEAFBLOWER EVERY DAY?!

I was going to have a "birthday kiriban" (at 29,007 page-views, seeing as my birthday is July 29th) but I forgot to make an announcement. Damn. Now I have to wait for... I don't know. 93,729? xD Aah well.

I'm thinking about getting a subby -- thoughts?
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Please read the previous journal too :3 I just felt like making them seperate entries.

Has anyone written anything (preferably original fiction, not fanfic) and would like to share?
I'm bored and looking for some good reads. I like fantasy, supernatural and romance, but I'll read most things. I might offer some little snippets of advice/critique if you want it :D

Who wants a sketch of their Sonic OC? It'd be kinda like this.
I'm only going to do three (for now, if I enjoy doing it, I'll ask for three more when I've finished the first batch) and it won't necessarily be first in, first served -- if I've already drawn your character for you, I'll probably pick someone else instead of you (but feel free to ask) and the character has to interest me. If I find the design unoriginal/bland, I won't draw it -- but if I don't pick you, it doesn't necessarily mean that was the reason :)

Also, who feels like doing a dolling collab with me?
Again, three slots and not necessarily first in, best chance (but I'm being less picky with this than with the sketches).

0. Colez on ...
1. MangaRulz11 on ...
2. xOxSEALxOx

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Okay, so... It seems that most fandoms have a bit of a pairing war at some point, or at least tension between certain 'shippers.

In the Naruto fandom, I've noticed a lot of hate for SasuSaku, for Canon/OC pairings, for NaruHina, various Yaoi/Slash and Yuri/Femmeslash pairings, NejiHina, etc, etc.

In Harry Potter, there is the legendary H/Hr vs H/G and R/Hr 'shipping war. There's hate for HarryDraco (and slash in general), DracoPansy, Dramione, Snarry, Sirry, Snape/Lily... I've even stumbled across some disturbingly anti-Lily/James fics (uhm, what?).

Death Note has a fairly large Yaoi fanbase, but there's still division -- NearMello versus MelloMatt, etc, etc. I'm aware there are Misa-haters, Misa-lovers and everything in between.

Of course, there's Twilight (if I didn't mention Twilight... I'd be missing a major war). Team Edward vs Team Jacob vs Team I Don't Give a Fuck Just STFU Fangirls vs Team I Ship Minor Characters.

I'm pretty sure I could name any fandom and there would be 'ships that people love and people hate, but that's not the point of this journal.

I want to know WHY you like the pairings you do.

Try and convince me why you love it. Tell me why CharacterA and CharacterB make an awesome couple, try to convince me that your OC is perfect for <insertcanoncharacterhere>. I don't care if it's never gonna happen in canon -- where canon fails to provide, fandom will. :D

I also want to know WHY you hate a certain couple.

This is NOT an invitation to start flaming the crap out of each other, or to flame a certain pairing. If you can't be mature (aka, not flame pairings) and give me a better reason than "I JUST HATE IT!11!!1! D:<" (I do understand that sometimes it's as simple as that, though ;P) then please don't bother.

Fandoms I'm Savvy With
:bulletblack: Naruto
:bulletblack: Harry Potter
:bulletblack: Death Note
:bulletblack: Sonic (kinda)
:bulletblack: NCIS
:bulletblack: Supernatural
:bulletblack: Twilight (... please don't start a war on my journal with this one)
:bulletblack: Fruits Basket
:bulletblack: House, M.D.
:bulletblack: Heroes
:bulletblack: Probably others, but I can't think of any right now :)

And to get the ball rolling...

I support (this isn't a complete list, just the first ones I could think of) :  (List with explanations of some can be found in my scraps soon :))

:bulletblack: Most Canon/OC pairings!  Including (but not limited to): SasuOC, GaaOC, HinaOC, SakuOC, TomRiddleOC, DracoOC, ShadowOC...

:bulletblack: Naruto
- NaruHina
- SasuSaku

:bulletblack: Harry Potter
- Tom Riddle/Myrtle
- Harry/Ginny
- Ron/Hermione

:bulletblack: Sonic
- SonAmy
- Knouge

:bulletblack: NCIS
- McNozzo (McGee/DiNozzo)
- Zabby (Ziva/Abby)
- Kiva (Kate/Ziva (I don't even know >_<))
- Kari (Kate/Ari)
- Kibbs (Kate/Gibbs, if anything other than...)
- Jibbs (:) Jenny/Gibbs)

:bulletblack: Twilight (oh god, I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I actually 'ship anything Twilight...)
- EdwardAngela
- JacobLeah
- EdwardSeth

So, what do you support? What do you not support? Why? TELL ME :D
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Come on guys! Only four of you have submitted your entries for stage three, and only one other has contacted me about submitting it late. That leaves ten people! Does everyone listed still want to participate, or are you no longer interested? Please let me know!

Welcome to Stage Three!


Species: Panda
15 (changed because the drawing came out looking a bit older than I intended ^^;)


Running Type: Slow ordinarily, but able to sprint quickly for short periods of time.
Extra Abilities:
Currently undecided, please feel free to make more suggestions!


Please Note me your response to Stage Three, do NOT post it on this journal or the deviation!

Stage Three
This is the actual competition stage of things. With this section, only one idea will be accepted – and the person whose idea is accepted will “win” the character! Remember: be creative, be original! You don’t have to answer every question, but give me more than a few words or a cliché when you do. The better your idea is, the better your chances of winning are!

(Is she a hero? A villain? Working for herself? For a team? For an organisation?)

- Positive Traits:
- Negative Traits:

Theme Song:
- Why?:

Brief History:
(optional, I guess, but it’ll get you points if you do it and even more points if it's good)



Stage Three (Point Five)
Okay, there's a little extra bit I didn't mention earlier. It is optional, but... I'd like it if you attempted it.

I want you to write a short piece about her necklace. How did she get it, why is it important to her? Again, try to be original. I don't want everyone saying "It was given to her by... er... her mother/father/sister/brother/boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend"... unless you can make it interesting.

You can write this as a short story piece, or just write it out. It's up to you. You're not going to be judged on writing skill, just on the ideas behind what you've written.


Have fun! Stage Three closes only when I have a Note from all fifteen competitors, but a quick response is appreciated! If you're worried that your response may take a while, please tell me so I am aware of the situation :)


Participants! [6/8]

For Your Info...
I really loved the suggestions everyone has made. I will be keeping all suggestions and may create more characters to be "won" than I first intended, or I might randomly create characters for adoption based on what you have suggested.
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This isn't about my next fanfic.

Actually, this is about a... well, I guess it's a contest? Or something? I'm kind of dubious about whether anyone will be interested (my last few ideas seem to have fallen flat ^^;) but people seem to like my Sonic OC designs, so... I was thinking I'd design one for someone.

I have two ideas on how to do this. The first is that everyone makes a suggestion -- a species, a gender, colours, clothes, etc -- and from that, I'll design a character. Once all of the character traits have been chosen, people will compete for "ownership" of the character. I guess it's kind of an adoptable, in that way. I'm not sure what the actual competition will be (probably coming up with the best personality for the character, or the best name, or both).

The second idea is... considerably more boring. Basically, first person to give me an animal that interests me will have an OC made for that animal.

I may do both.

Anyone interested? Anyone?
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Um. Okay, so apparently some people haven't been getting notifications when I post deviations or journals. Hopefully this one goes through -- could you tell me if you've recieved notification?

I've also noticed I'm not getting notification of comments on my journal. This is potentially problematic...

Anyway, I'll reiterate what I said in the last journal. I've joined a new club, called FicSparks. It's aimed at writers of all levels, so don't decide against joining because you think you're not good enough or anything like that -- the whole idea of the club is improvement and inspiration. Also, it's very laid back over there, so joining doesn't make you obligated to participate in everything -- no pressure ^_^

Secondly, there's this thing called The Falling Star Project. I'm not sure who did and didn't get my last journal or the news article, but please go check it out if you haven't yet :)

+ Updates

:bulletblack: I got the first two seasons of Supernatural on DVD! I've been rewatching them. It's awesome! :D
:bulletblack: I've drawn two of three new Sonic OCs, and I'm going to ask you guys to vote on which you like the most :) The winner will probably star in my next (Sonic) fanfic ^_^ (which I will probably tell you more about in my next journal).
:bulletblack: I've got a tentative length worked out for Amaranth. It'll probably be around forty chapters or so.
:bulletblack: Sorry I haven't submitted any bases lately, but I'll be submitting some original bases soon (: (if I can be bothered getting the scanner to work...)

:bulletblue: Task Journal
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EDIT: Well, apparently at least one person didn't get any notification of this journal post. If this appears in your inbox, was this the first you'd seen of this journal?

The Falling Star Project

Catch a falling star and,
Put it in your pocket,
Save it for a rainy day.
Catch a falling star and,
Put it in your pocket,
Never let it fade away…

Okay, for those of you who:
a) Deleted the news without reading
b) are not one of my watchers and therefore haven't gotten a notification about it

Go check out the Falling Star Project. It's... an idea I had a while back, but never got around to doing. I don't know if it'll take, but... oh well, it can't hurt.

FicSparks :iconficsparks:

FicSparks is a new club. Basically, it's aimed at all the writers out there! You can submit requests, issue challenges and get some ideas if you're stuck for them. The club journal will explain better than I can, so go check it out!

Task Journal:…
Catch a falling star and,
Put it in your pocket,
Save it for a rainy day.
Catch a falling star and,
Put it in your pocket,
Never let it fade away…

The Idea

Alright, we all have those days where we just feel like crap, like nobody likes us (not even ourselves!) or just generally self-conscious. On those days, we need something to remind us that there are people who like us, people who think we’re awesome, and that we are awesome for whatever reasons. Maybe you need reminding that you’ve got a really pretty smile, or your eyes are a really amazing shade of blue/green/brown/hazel, or just what you mean to a friend – or how you’ve changed someone’s life.

The Falling Star Project is… well, it’s to remind the people we care about of these things; to give them something to remember on a “rainy day”, when they’re feeling down.

The idea is that you write a letter/email/note for each of your close friends, or Hell, people who aren’t your close friends. Just tell them how much they mean to you, or the things you love about them. Write them something that'll make them smile, or give them that booster shot of confidence when they need it most. It can be ten pages long or just a few lines or a poem or whatever you want, just let them know they're loved.

What Do You Do?

Well, aside from writing those letters/emails -- publicity. Please help get the word/idea around by posting a Falling Star Project journal or, I don't know, posting art related, or whatever else you can think of!
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This is the cause of my WTF-ness: A any one 81 well below what they like it or AMO ller in a bar where I was an interlocking of a narrow why are our not having a orally or in the wine is in Dalgety all eternity argue that there are a the up market by quickly

Confused? So am I.

I turned on the speech recognition thing on my MSWord and started saying things -- mostly simple stuff, like "Hello", "dog" and "cat" -- and somehow, it came out with THAT. Wtf?


For anyone who reads Amaranth, do you think I should have pairings? I mean, I wasn't planning on it, but... eh. I feel like adding a sprinkle of romance (maybe).

If you think I should, which pairings (including OC pairings)? For the most part, I'm checking what you guys would support and what you wouldn't.

Task Journal…