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... that MangaRulz11 and I had. Okay, so... I've noticed that a lot of base makers are removing bases because:

a) Flames
b) They're sick of people ONLY looking at their bases and not the rest of their art
c) They feel bad about tracing
d) Drama and other reasons

I was thinking that a lot of the above problems could be solved by having a kind of... 'base artists account' (an account, like the old school clubs, not a group) where base makers can submit bases anonymously (or not).

1. Can be anonymous or not, depending on the wishes of the base maker
2. Self-sufficient (people would access it and submit their own bases, no need for an admin/s)
3. Many different bases on just one account, so easy access
4. Hopefully crediting would be easier -- people could credit the account and link back to the deviation so that credit still goes to the base maker, or at least the base is disclaimed.
5. No inboxes flooded with "I USED YOUR BASE" for people who don't want that
6. Flames will be to the main group, not directly at anyone, so hopefully there would be less drama on that front
7. Hopefully bases will be put in storage or removed from dA less often

1. If anyone really cares, credit might not be given directly to the base maker (I wouldn't mind not getting direct credit for the base so long as it was disclaimed by the user, and I have a feeling at least some others wouldn't care either)
2. ... I honestly don't know.

Additional Info
+ The password to this account would be handed out from friend to friend, hopefully preventing any trolls or assholes gaining access.
+ You're responsible for submitting your own bases, you control everything in regards to your own bases. You can write whatever you want in the Artist's Comments -- so you can put your own rules, add your icon or username for people to credit you or remain anonymous, and ask for people to send you the result if you want.
+ You'll be able to respond to comments  on your bases if you wish and look at the base uses (because of that annoying/useful Stacks thing).

Anyway, what do YOU think? Who would be willing to give this a go, and if not why? Hope we're not the only ones interested :)

OH, also, if you ARE interested, please feel free to repost this journal, link back or just make your own journal about the idea so that the word gets out a little more! :)

PS: Would you guys mind helping me out over at ^^; I've got an egg that needs hatching so I can really get started... I'm new to the Pokefarm thing xD I will click back if you click my egg, as many of your eggs as I can, so feel free to drop a link in your comment if you click my egg :) Here's the link


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